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Mark Agrusti’s professional accomplishments span a multitude of disciplines and represent nearly 1.5 decades of work at the intersection of Media, Technology, and the Human Experience.

Mark specializes in the design of elegant systems that emphasize efficiency, self-sustainability, and long term stability. This is achieved fundamentally through innovative choices that balance rigidity & flexibility; providing the space needed to rapidly respond to changes in project parameters or market conditions.

In business, this abstract toolset provides a deep understanding of the complex interactions in a business’s functions & illuminates undiscovered possibilities for increasing corporate value & efficiency.

For many years, Mark was the “Chuck Norris” of software professionals. Time and time again, he was sent to rescue doomed software modules from grasp of total disaster… just in the nick of time! With very short deadlines, Mark worked exclusively on poorly performing, horribly architected, and dangerously overbudget software projects and transformed them into stable, high quality software products.

From 2006 to 2008, Mark served as founder & CEO of Backpax Network International, LLC, a start-up hospitality company that created a platform for personal & social development in mainland China while utilizing a business model that offered a best in class customer experience in its Hostels, Bars, & Restaurants. 2 months after opening, Backpax Xi’an was ranked the #1 hostel in the city.

In 2013, Mark was recruited as Creative Director for Naked Granola, LLC, assuming responsibility for the company’s entire creative & marketing functions. His first task as Creative Director was to entirely rebrand the company, then to push the brand vision through the entire product portfolio. The result is granola that looks more granola.

… Sales Quadrupled.

Mark writes and maintains an “integrated-office” software package tailored to the needs of labor & trade unions. The TPA Computer benefit fund administration system empowers actuaries, fund offices, & business agents, while tracking approximately half a Billion USD in funds.

… That was a super-short, overly-simplified description of what I do.
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