… Unity, Strength, and the Path of Self-Discovery…

The root meaning of the word Yoga is “to unite”, and this is what we’re aiming for in our yoga practices. The uniting of the mind, body, and spirit. Uniting the internal & the external. Transcending the divisive belief of separation of self and other, and recognizing that we all part of the One. In Asana Yoga (the physical practice that we typically call “Yoga”) we use the body as a platform for this self-discovery.

On a basic level, we’re strengthening the body and elevating its overall wellness. Through a continued Yoga practice of movement & breath, we learn to examine the workings of our inner world and internal state.

When we practice stability in the body, we’re starting to discover our inner-stability. When we practice balance in the body, we begin to find balance in all aspects of our lives. Yoga begins with the body, but it’s really just the gateway into the palace.

Yoga helps us to discover that, in every moment, we are practicing two things: the external form & the internal state.  In the body, we may be practicing Tree Posture.. but internally, we may be practicing something completely different. Maybe self-doubt or frustration. In a complete Yoga practice, we cultivate the ability to examine our internal state by challenging ourselves in a variety of postures so we can discover how to be challenged physically, but still retain clarity in the mind and peace in the heart.  … facing challenges while keeping calm & clear turns out to be very useful in everyday life!

There’s much talk these days about “Yoga off the mat”; that is: Yoga applied to life. The central focus of my teaching is on the applications of Yoga and our self-discoveries to our lives. What good is a yoga practice if you aren’t seeing improvements in the quality of your life, work, health, happiness, & relationships? (if you’re feeling physically or mentally worse… please find a new teacher!)

 About my Teaching

I offer yoga classes for all ages, levels, and physical conditions. I’ve trained in traditional yoga, hatha, vinyasa, and anatomically-based styles. In most of my yoga classes you can expect challenging postures, Pranayama (breath training), chanting, some philosophy, and meditation.. ending in stillness… a time for the mind to stop chattering, where you can simply be. Spaciousness & stillness.

I look forward to sharing some yoga-time with you sometime soon!


  • Yoga Stream – 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (in progress)
    • Functional Anatomy, Movement Analysis, Sequencing, Yoga as Therapy
  • Lila Yoga – 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
    • Traditional Yoga, Pranayama, Vedic Philosophy
  • Yoga Stream – 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
    • Functional Anatomy, Sequencing, Yoga as Therapy
  • Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram – 90 Hour Training in Chennai, India
    • Advanced Vedic Philosophy, Sanskrit, Chanting, Pranayama

In Yoga, as with all things, I am perpetually a student.  The more that I see & learn through the Practice, the more curious I become.  May we always continue looking deeply & asking more questions.

Some photos from various trainings through the years


I’m humbled to be a co-founder & instructor at Yoga Lab in State College, PA, along with 4 other fantastically talented co-founding instructors: Kristen Boccumini, Anna Engels, Jeremy Engels, and Ariel Xu.

Check My Schedule to find out where and when I’m teaching next!

My classes range in size from 60+ person big-group classes down to highly individualized private sessions. I currently teach at Yoga Lab and frequent Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, & Self-Inquiry classes, workshops, & retreats locally and at festivals throughout the East Coast.

Where to Find Me

I am available to teach private sessions, group classes, and workshop upon request. Send me a note on the Contact Page. I’m currently teaching lots of local & regional classes (many are free!), so check my Schedule to find out about Yoga, Meditation, & Self-Inquiry events coming up soon!

Mark is a partner at the Yoga Lab studio in State College, PA.

Yoga Lab is a supportive environment where people can learn and practice Yoga & Meditation together.  The strong, welcoming community embodies the spirit of learning, self-discovery, and continued growth.  We also host a variety of frequent special events such as: potluck dinners, movie nights, music, workshops, and more!  Learn more at www.StateCollegeYogaLab.com